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Step into the Damn Good Trading Mafia and unlock the secrets of the futures prop firm industry. Get access to killer education, join a squad of savvy traders, and dominate the trading game with our elite resources. It’s more than trading; it’s a quest to beat the institutions and make retail traders great again with the richest mob in town.

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Expert Guidance Directly from the Don

Receive real-time, insider insights from Kyle, a seasoned market maestro. With live streams almost daily for free on YouTube you're only getting a small piece of his knowledge. Be able to chat with him in real-time and work one on one to analyze and work on what your specific trading issues are.

Access to the Top 3% of Traders In the World

Gain access to select traders who are profitable. Studies show that 97% of day traders have lost their money in two years. Get live interactions with day traders who do this for a living and live the life of their dreams from finally making it as a day trader.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

Enhance your trading knowledge with a vast array of resources. From our Mobster Mindset Trading, Capo Trading 101, and NASDAQ Mastery Masterclasses to an extensive library of trading materials for beginners + advanced traders and interactive review sessions, you're equipped to continuously learn and improve.

Exclusive Networking and Status Opportunities

Get exclusive access to our private discord channel the Capo Club where only people who are dedicated to growing all combine our knowledge led by Kyle and his consiglieres to help us all grow as a community to become the best traders in the world.

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Capo Club

Learn different trading strategies, indicators, and psychological tricks to help gain your edge in the trading arena with the Capo Club. 

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One time payment to join the Capo Club for life and gain everything listed below.

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Direct Line to the Don: In the Capo Club you will have direct access to Kyle and his trusted consigliere's to ask questions freely.

The Capo Club's Inner Circle: Enter our private Discord community, a gathering place for trusted traders to learn strategies and psychological tips to help grow into a better trader.

Consigliere Sessions & Family Meetings: Engage in strategy discussions and communal voice chats, where wisdom and experience converge. We will go over your charts and trades to correct mistakes.

Comprehensive Learning & Omertà Flexibility: Immerse in live trading sessions, expert Q&A, and structured lessons, with the freedom to leave anytime, no questions asked.

Market Heist Education: Dive into our "Capo Trading 101", "NASDAQ Mastery", and Mobster Mindset Trading masterclasses to help you gain your edge in the market by learning proven strategies and change your psychology into the one of a trader.

Become a Loyal Capo to the Don: By joining the Capo Club and investing in yourself your taking the first step to changing your life. With the Capo Club you will never be alone in the markets and Kyle himself along with his trusted consiglieres' will always give their all to never let you down and give you every single tool to help you become the best trader you can be.



Watch Live Trades by Kyle the Don a trader who has been through it all. All the ups and downs that come with learning how to trade. The Don has gone through it all. Now for the past 2 years, he has been fortunate enough to be profitable and make it into the top 5% of traders globally. And you can watch him trade live FOR FREE on YouTube.

Testimonials from our Mobsters

A massive shoutout to the Damn Good Trading Mafia! 🌟 Before joining, I was flopping in the trading world. The Capo Mobstership changed everything for me! The live streams weren’t just executions but super engaging, making complex ideas easy to grasp and I love how Kyle talks through the trade before even entering 🧠. The BIG moment for me was getting funded with Topstep 🏆 - a dream come true, all thanks to the Mafia's top-notch education and techniques. They helped me skyrocket my trading career and turn my dreams into reality! 🚀💰

Spoken By a Made Man

Spent the last two days in your livestream as a new trader with very limited knowledge. I complimented your mindset yesterday, and want to do the same today. Still trying to pass my first combine, and I've always seen my psych as the biggest issue. Just chillin in the cord with you guys took a lot of that away. + 1,071.48 yesterday, +1,040 today.

Spoken By a Made Man

Before joining the Damn Good Trading Mafia, I was wandering aimlessly in the world of trading. But oh boy, did things change! The Capo Mobstership's live streams and educational resources were a game-changer. I soaked up knowledge like a sponge, and it was exhilarating to learn so many new strategies and insights. Thanks to their guidance, I gained my edge in the market much faster than I ever imagined. I'm not just trading now; I'm trading with confidence and skill!

Spoken By a Made Man

As someone who's always approached trading with a mix of caution and seriousness, I found the Damn Good Trading Mafia to be an invaluable resource. Their comprehensive approach to education, coupled with real-time market analysis, transformed my trading journey. It wasn't just about learning new things; it was about learning the right things. Their insights helped me refine my strategies, allowing me to make more informed and profitable decisions in the market. It's a no-nonsense, results-oriented community that I'm proud to be a part of.

Spoken By a Made Man

What Exclusive Benefits Await Me in the Capo Club?

Along with everything mentioned here. You will receive lifetime access to our vast array of masterclasses that are always expanding. As the market changes and human psychology changes so will the lessons we provide to you. You’ll get access to a private discord channel called the “Capo Club” where like-minded traders are all looking to grow. As the famous saying goes “teamwork makes the dreamwork” Kyle and his team believe that’s the secret to life. Working together as a team to achieve ultimate success. 

How Will Capo Club Make Me A Better Trader?

It won’t. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF A BETTER TRADER. The Capo Club will only benefit you if you’re dedicated to trading and want to get out of the rat race. If you are willing to learn and completely change your psychology and get rid of bad habits to replace them with good ones then the Capo Club is the perfect place for you. The Capo Club will give you plenty of psychological tools and material to use to aid you in your journey to becoming better trader and you’ll have access to traders who were once where you are now. You’ll be able to learn from them and Kyle on how to skip the errors we’ve made and potentially speed up your way to payouts and consistency. 

Is The Capo Club Suitable for Beginners?

Absolutely! The Capo Club caters to all levels, offering beginners a supportive environment to learn and grow while providing seasoned traders with advanced insights and strategies. Connect with peers in the exclusive ‘Capo Club’ on Discord and have a positive environment to start your trading journey. The Capo Club offers both masterclasses for beginners and advanced traders, along with all sorts of training material.

What Makes Capo Club Stand Out?

Beyond expert trading guidance and a vast mobster library of knowledge, our unique mafia-themed community offers an engaging, fun experience. Exclusive features like the Capo Club discord and many more tools to come.

How Can I Join Capo Club?

Ready to join the mafia brotherhood on a trading adventure? Click here and lock in your spot in the Capo Club. There are only limited spots available so do not miss out on joining the Damn Good Trading Mafia.

What Prop Firms Do We Trade?

Here’s a list of the prop firms that I trade and believe to be the best.

What's the Commitment?

Join Capo Club with a one-time mobstership payment and become a member of the Damn Good Trading Mafia forever. Always get access to the latest masterclasses as the market changes and engage with traders that are in it for life with you. Join the Capo Club now!

Damn Good 
Prop Firms

Here are the prop firms I personally use and trust.

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Fast Track Trading

At the top of the list is FTT even though they are a newer company they provide INSTANT FUNDING with no evaluation phase required. The ability to get a payout in as little as 5 days or every 10 days is amazing. The main rule and really the only rule to watch out for is 20% consistency for each trading day based on total profit. With the ability to get instantly funded without having to waste time on an evaluation and being able to copy trade up to 20 accounts simultaneously, they could be changing the game for futures prop firms.



Being around for over 10+ years means TopStep is doing something right… with almost no rules regarding your trading on the XFA or live funded accounts they are still one of the best future prop firms in the world. Highly recommended for beginners and experts alike. With the ability to copy trade 5 Express Funded Accounts there’s a chance to make serious gains with Topstep. 


My Funded Futures

One of the biggest and best futures trading prop firms with the least amount of rules especially on their Expert accounts MFFU is at the top of my list. They have great customer support and an amazing trader dashboard plus you can get funded in as little as one day. 


Apex Trader Funding

The absolute largest prop firm for futures traders with the highest payouts out there. The caveat is that they also have major rules that come with their funded accounts. Just like with their evaluations there is an unrealized trailing profit threshold you must maintain in the funded accounts along with rules that you must have a mental or hard stop loss, maintain a specific risk-reward ratio, and can only DCA 1 time into a losing trade. Still, at Apex you can have up to 20 accounts copy trading and they are very trustworthy.



Use code “DGT” at checkout for MAX discount ALWAYS!